Child Guidance Center in Orange County, California

Image of Maryrose Gray with Child Guidance Center
Image of Maryrose Gray with Child Guidance Center

Maryrose Gray

Board Member

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Maryrose Gray is an educator, writer and small-business owner with a deep commitment to supporting families and strengthening communities. She started her career teaching elementary school in rural North Carolina with Teach For America, and then moved to Los Angeles to teach at KIPP: Comienza Community Prep, the No. 1 performing school in California out of schools serving at/above 60 percent English Language Learners. Maryrose attended the KIPP School Leadership Program in Chicago while founding and overseeing the After School Program at KIPP Comienza.

Maryrose co-founded Cat & Owl Co. to provide educational tools that foster a strong connection between parent and child. Maryrose has also worked as a consultant for the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Emergency Management Task Force, and she is currently active on several educational and youth-related committees.

She graduated from New York University with a bachelor’s in economics and completed her master’s in teaching at University of Southern California.

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